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Sep 29 2015


Who: Al Emid. Author. Journalist. Broadcaster. | What: Book Launch
Where: Toronto | WHEN: September 29th, 2015
Party politics overshadowed the extent of the crisis in last night’s leaders’ debate

Toronto, Ontario – During last evening’s Munk Debate on foreign policy, the leaders of Canada’s three major political parties re-iterated their public positions about the country’s involvement in the ISIS crisis and the fight to resolve it.

“Unfortunately none of them actually spoke directly to the crisis or their view of what it would take to end it,” said Al Emid, author of the upcoming book What You Need to Know About Isis: Terror, Religion, War & the Caliphate.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper re-emphasized his government’s intention to remain involved militarily. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau re-iterated his party’s determination to terminate Canada’s military involvement and to focus on training if elected. New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair criticized Canada’s mission since it is not part of a United Nations operation.

“None of the candidates exhibited a clear understanding of the horrific extent of the ISIS crisis and its human cost, except its part in the current refugee catastrophe.” said Emid.

“We call it a crisis because of the murders, rapes, executions, kidnappings and recruitment of foreign fighters and supporters,” he continued. ’It’s an exceptionally complex situation and I would have liked to hear more about their views of those complexities,” he explained. “Although the leaders did compare views on how many refugees Canada could take in from the region, none of them addressed the fact that only 20 per cent of the total flow of refugees are fleeing the ISIS crisis.

Emid spent almost a year talking to a global roster of military, political, financial, terrorism and intelligence experts from the United States, Canada, Africa, Europe and the Middle East to construct the narrative for his upcoming book to be published by Quidne Press later in Fall.

Like the journalist he is, Al Emid delves into this complex situation to explain what is happening, to suggest likely outcomes, and to help us understand why an insurgent group that seems to have sprung from nowhere has become one of the most important threats of our time.

Emid’s book takes us behind the mask of the ISIS crisis and provides some much needed perspective on the security threat and the continuing cost of fighting ISIS.  The information in What You Need to Know About ISIS: Terror, Religion, War and the Caliphate will provide those insights and background information.

“While it might please many to assume the eventual defeat of ISIS, we need to come to grips with the possibility that ISIS and the Islamic State will remain intact for the foreseeable future.  The borders may change slightly, drone strikes may remove some leaders periodically, the ‘state’ may continue to have governance programs, but its actual disintegration and total defeat appear unlikely in the short term.  We need political leaders that understand this reality,” Emid says.

Al Emid is available for interviews to discuss:

  • How to assess various political candidates’ responses to the ISIS crisis
  • Why the crisis will not be resolved in the short-term
  • The types of Lone Wolves here in North America


About Al Emid:

Al Emid is a longtime journalist and broadcaster specializing in financial and geopolitical matters.  He has recently returned from an assignment in the Middle East for New York-based Global Finance Magazine.  His other books include Investing in Frontier Markets and Frontier Markets for Dummies, Financial Recovery in a Fragile World, and What I Have Learned So Far.  A follow-up book on terrorism is planned for 2016.

Al Emid. Author. Journalist. Broadcaster.

44 Charles St. W. Suite 714
Toronto, ON
M4Y 1R7

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T: 416-471-3845

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