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CHAPTER 41 – The Glamourous Life of an Author

Amongst the many reasons why the ISIS crisis became so confusing, the tragedy of Syria ranks high on the list. At this moment, the ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia continues and if all of the opposing groups respect the agreement, the break will allow aid groups to assist the people caught in the middle of the fighting.

Since March 2011, rebels have been fighting the government of President Bashar Al-Assad, and Al-Assad has been fighting back. In the same year, U.S. President Barack Obama made no secret of his desire to see Al-Assad leave the Presidential office, but then quietly backed off his determination when the ISIS crisis broke.

Russia at first paid little attention since its primary focus was the Ukraine crisis but then President Vladimir Putin seemingly became worried about the loss of military sales and access to the Mediterranean provided by Syria and decided to intervene. Russia and Iran back Al-Assad while the United States backs some of the rebels attempting to remove him from office.

The rebels fighting Al-Assad have limited faith in the ceasefire but endorsed the flow of humanitarian aid while expressing their doubts.

One perhaps unintended result is that Al-Assad’s position has improved, thanks to that support from Russia and Iran and he has vowed to restore Syria to its pre-war territory, perhaps an unlikely goal. Russia wants to exert its political muscle in the region and the United States wants or more united effort against ISIS.

The rebels say the deal benefits Assad, whose military position has improved since the last truce brokered by Washington and Moscow collapsed earlier this year although no one seems to have gotten ISIS’s agreement to the ceasefire.

Can the bloodletting stop here? It’s going to be difficult. Beginning in March 2011, long before most of us had heard of ISIS, and up to the present, the hostilities in Syria have cost 296,097 lives with millions left homeless.

Following nearly two years of research, Al Emid’s fifth book entitled What You Need to Know About ISIS – Terror, Religion, War and the Caliphate is being released this month. It goes behind the news about ISIS and examines what might lie ahead.