What I Have Learned So Far…And How It Can Help You

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Life sometimes takes a bad turn and sometimes takes a very, very bad turn. Sometimes it hands you a total disaster. Effectively avoiding life crises completely would mean living in isolation somewhere, well away from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

In What I Have Learned So Far … Fifty individuals, many of them public figures known to Canadians including balladeer Terry Jacks, actor Colin Mochrie and television personality Dianne Buckner talk about different life crises. Other people chronicled in this book include individuals recovering from business reversals, drug addiction, alcoholism and sexual abuse. In each case they explained a crisis and shared the solution they found worked for them in hopes that readers would try the same solutions. Each of these individuals spoke candidly in the hope of helping those who find themselves in similar situations.

Most readers will recognize at least one of the life crises and may find the solutions useful and appropriate.

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