ISIS: All Players In Syria Have One Thing in Common

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The situation in Syria has become more complex than ever and shows no sign of resolution in the short term. While it may seem unlikely that all of the players would have anything in common, in fact they do: all of them face desperate tests.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization — NATO — is being tested — and becoming increasingly worried — about Russia’s military buildup within Syria.

Turkey is being tested — repeatedly — by Russian airplanes in its airspace.

American President Barack Obama is being tested by Russian President Vladimir Putin who wants a seat at the global bargaining table to explore how to resolve all of the hostilities in Syria and is geopolitically thumbing his nose at Obama.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is being tested as Russia cannot keep up its Syrian adventure indefinitely, given its economic situation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical vision is also being tested because he needs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stay in power.

The Syrian rebel forces, some of them supported by the United States — are being tested by the Russian air strikes that were to be targeted against ISIS and have hit them.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is being tested for his ability to remain in power against all odds.

The Syrian national army is being tested beyond its endurance as it is reportedly weary and dispirited from fighting both domestic rebels and ISIS.

The countries taking in Syrian refugees are being tested for their ability to handle the influx.

And certainly the Syrian population have been tested for over four years – first by the Civil War and then by ISIS.



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