By Al Emid

Certainly we have known for some time that substantial amounts of terrorism funding come from within the Middle East and that terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda actually compete for checks from patrons.

However today a report says that more than 100 Australians are funding terrorism. A report from 9news.com says that AUSTRAC, the country’s financial intelligence agency has recorded a 300 per cent increase in suspicious activity linked to terrorism.

The report says that terrorist groups such as ISIS increasingly turn to inventive ways to raise cash, including crowdfunding where ISIS supporters can donate funds through web sites until authorities discover them and shut them down.

“Involving yourself in terrorism can be as cheap as a couple of hundred dollars, it can be as cheap as buying an airline ticket,” AUSTRAC chief executive Paul Jevtovic says, as quoted in the report.

The money raised supports ISIS operations and attacks, as well as approximately 120 Australians fighting in Syria and Iraq.

While the amounts raised in Australia may not exactly dominate the ISIS treasury, the report proves again that ISIS and other terrorist groups have continuing sources of financing outside the Middle East.

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